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Höpner, Christian Gottlob Jong de, Euwe Jong de, Sybolt Luytjes, Bert Rippen, Piet

Suite Groningen Historiael

The Suite Groningen Historiael (1987) was commissioned by Euwe de Jong and Sybolt de Jong and composed by Piet Rippen. The composition is based on historic events that were of great importance to the city of Groningen, i.e. the sieges of the city in 1672 and 1945. The march for Karel Rabenhaupt is followed by a series of variations on Waer dat men zich al keert of wendt; in the 3rd variation the Spanish tyranny is emphasized in a convincing way.
The composition concludes with a Lamento and the inevitable Feest op de Grote Markt (Party in the square).

II/P (C - f3)

player 1: easy - hard player 2: easy - hard

Euwe & Sybolt de Jong
Farmsum, The Netherlands
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