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Bach, Johann Sebastian Debussy, Claude Dienel, Otto Finzi, Gerald Foote, Arthur Händel, Georg Friedrich Haydn, Joseph Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Parry, Charles H. H. Peuerl, Paul

Ouverture Oratorio St Paul

op. 36 A 14/1

Just as Bach had done in the opening chorus of the Matthäus-Passion, Mendelssohn also makes use of a chorale melody Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme in the overture to ‘St Paul’. Following a fugal build-up of tension in a moderate tempo, the movement begins to quicken. The chorale melody is heard in all its glory at the piece’s climax. As a consequence, the work can be seen as a highly successful combination of baroque compositional techniques and romantic additions. Both the work’s form and its realisation are strongly reminiscent of the double fugue (which features the chorale Aus tiefer Not in long note values in the pedal) from the third organ sonata A major, opus 65/3, MWV W 58.

III/P (C - f3)

Euwe & Sybolt de Jong
Bätz-Witte-organ - Oude Kerk
Delft, The Netherlands
photo: Sybolt de Jong recorded june 2010 - WestraMedia
player 1: medium - hard player 2: medium - hard

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
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Euwe & Sybolt de Jong
Bätz-Witte-organ - Oude Kerk
Delft, The Netherlands

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