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Charlie is my Darling

Scottish Traditional

Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonny Prince Charles), was a young Scottish knight and the grandson of the last Stuart King (James VII). He grew up in France. The events of Jacobite Rising of 1745, a civil war led by Bonny Prince Charles, are especially attractive to the imagination of the Scots, keenly aware of their historical right to be an independent nation. The historical events and deeds are, incidentally, subject to unbridled romanticising in stories and songs. (arr.: Euwe de Jong)

S/A/Brt/2 harmoniums
S/A/Brt/2 piano's
Other combinations? mail to Sybolt de Jong for possibilities and prices.

Scottish Traditional — Lyrics: James Hogg (1770 - 1835)

‘t Was on a Monday morning,
Right early in the year,
When Charlie came to our town,
The young Chevalier.

Oh! Charlie is my darling,
My darling, my darling,
Charlie is my darling,
The young Chevalier.

As he came marching up the street,
The pipes played loud and clear,
And a' the folks came runnin’ out
To meet the Chevalier.


With Highland bonnets on their heads
And claymores bright and clear
They came to fight for Scotland's right,
And the young Chevalier.


Oh, there were many beating hearts,
And many hopes and fears;
And many were the pray'rs put up
For the young Chevalier.


Lauren Armishaw, soprano
Rienk de Jong, countertenor - Elbert de Jong, baritone
Euwe & Sybolt de Jong, harmonium > order cd

1 - 10: € 5,= per arr. / 11 - 20: € 4,= per arr. / 21 <: € 3,50 per arr.

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