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Huron Carol

French - Canadian carol, 17th century

The Huron are an indigenous Canadian people. The Christmas message is here presented from a local perspective; the sacred is presented as the Gitchi Manitou (spirit, mystery) while the shepherds are hunters who find the child in a lodge of broken bark. (arr.: Sybolt de Jong)

S/A/T/Brt/2 harmoniums
S/A/T/Brt/2 piano's
S/A/T/Brt/piano/melody-instrument (e1 - d3)
Other combinations? mail to Sybolt de Jong for possibilities and prices.

Jean de Brébeuf, ca. 1643

'Twas in the moon of wintertime when all the birds had fled,
that mighty Gitchi Manitou sent angel choirs instead;
before their light the stars grew dim and wandering hunters heard the hymn:
“Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born, in excelsis gloria!”

Within a lodge of broken bark the tender babe was found;
a ragged robe of rabbit skin enwrapped his beauty round.
And as the hunters brave drew nigh, the angel song rang loud and high:
“Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born, in excelsis Gloria!

O children of the forest free, o sons of Manitou,
the holy Child of earth and heaven is born today for you.
Come kneel before the radiant Boy who brings you beauty, peace and joy.
Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born, in excelsis gloria!

Lauren Armishaw, soprano - Gerben Bos, tenor
Rienk de Jong, countertenor - Elbert de Jong, baritone
Euwe & Sybolt de Jong, harmonium > order cd

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